Without modern BI and analytics, your sales team is left to guess which customers aren’t buying as much as expected, and why. Information that is too little and too late means the team is shooting in the dark when taking corrective actions. We can help you remove the uncertainty and take control by using BI and analytics to shape effective sales strategies.

What we help you do

  • Forecast revenues more accurately
  • Formulate and defend more realistic sales budgets
  • Identify and quantify relevant price, margin, volume, and mix variances

What it means for you

  • Increased ability to give concrete explanations of variances during regular reviews
  • Clearer understanding of the underlying reasons for material sales variances
  • Greater confidence in making optimal tradeoffs between price, margin, and volume
  • Improved ability to take corrective actions with product, market, and channel sales managers


Leveraging BI and analytics to manage revenue goals by product line, product, market, channel, financial advisor, agent, and region as the company evolved from a life insurance company into a multi-product financial services company.

Financial Services

Company Type:
Insurance and

Company Size:
$22 billion

Job Functions:
EVP Strategic Planning, CIO,
VP Sales

Define BI & Analytics Opportunities,
Develop Business Case, Develop
BI & Analytics Strategy & Roadmap,
Technical Strategy

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It has been a pleasure working with you and DecisionPath over the last 3 months. We have learned much from DecisionPath and this engagement.

-BI Program Manager

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