Our Approach

Our approach to engagements is business-driven and technology agnostic. Our BI Pathway Method is a flexible framework for partnering with your people to identify opportunities and risks, and develop the roadmaps and plans that are essential for BI, analytics, and data management success.

Our BI Pathway Method is comprised of work streams and deliverables that we know from experience will contribute to success and help avoid failure. These are: 

  • BI and Analytics Strategy, Organization, and Management
  • Technical Strategy Consulting and Project Execution
  • Data Governance
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Change Management

When working with you to scope an engagement, we show you the specifics of these work streams, and you decide what you want in scope and how deep you want to dive during an initial engagement.

The BI Pathway Method was taught at TDWI World Conferences starting in 2003. It is time-tested and proven to be a useful framework for moving your BI, analytics, and data management initiatives forward to success. From an enterprise perspective, that success is essentially a general management challenge, one that requires effective adaptation, synchronization, and cross-unit execution of the primary workflows. These requirements for success are critical to delivering high-impact results.

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Thanks again for your hard work on our Assessment. I enjoyed the process and working with DecisionPath, and certainly hope and expect that we’ll continue with future work.

-VP Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence

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