Managing operations is generally a complex productivity optimization challenge. Without BI and analytics, it can be difficult to efficiently and cost-effectively serve customers by getting the most out of staff, working capital, and fixed assets, all while maintaining safety and quality standards. This can create a hectic, hard-to-manage environment. We can help you take control of all of the moving pieces and replace the guesswork with clear insights.

What we help you do

  • Align operational performance to meet company revenue and margin objectives
  • Obtain a clear and timely view of operational performance
  • Measure, monitor, and control cost, quality, output, and customer service level

What it means for you

  • Increased sense of control over operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Greater confidence in managing yields, changeover times, equipment reliability, worker attendance, quality, asset utilization, and production schedule adherence
  • Better ability to adjust to changing operational requirements as business conditions change


Optimize operations performance across two divisions, multiple plants, and multiple products by leveraging BI and analytics to measure, assess, manage, and improve performance outcomes – including cost, productivity, quality, and customer service.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Company Type:
Packaged Foods
Manufacturer & Distributor

Company Size:
$2.8 billion

Job Functions:
Division GMs, EVP Operations,
Division VP Finance, Plant Managers,
Plant Controllers

Identify BI & Analytics Opportunities,
Define Operations Performance
Drivers, Identify Measures and KPIs,
Develop Custom BI & Analytics Applications

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