If your company serves lots of customers, offers lots of products or services, and operates in several channels and regions, it can be challenging to understand the dynamics that are driving revenues and margin. Without modern BI and analytics, your marketing team is left to guess at those dynamics, and then hope that marketing mix decisions pay off as hoped. We can help you navigate through this ambiguous terrain and develop marketing strategies that are both flexible and effective.

What we help you do

  • Formulate optimal go-to-market strategies and plans
  • Understand how different marketing mixes impact revenue
  • Track pricing/promotion impacts by customer, channel, industry, and market

What it means for you

  • Clearer understanding of market dynamics
  • Increased capacity for planning effective marketing campaigns
  • Newfound ability to monitor campaign performance on the fly and adjust as needed


Optimizing enterprise profitability by leveraging BI and analytics for purchasing, inventory management, pricing, channel analysis, and product assortment optimization for a multi-product, multi-industry, and multi-location metal products distribution company.

Metals Services

Company Type:
Distributor of steel and
aluminum pipes, tubes,
and bars

Company Size:
$250 million

Job Functions:
All C-Suite Executives, VP Marketing,
VP Purchasing, VP Sales

Define BI Opportunities, Develop
Business Case, Develop BI Program
Plan and Roadmap, Technology
Strategy and Implementation

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It’s been really eye-opening and helpful to work with you and your team, thanks for all the effort and patience!

-Director, Strategic Planning

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