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It has long been advocated that the CIO should be a full partner with the business leadership team. A well-formulated, practical BI and analytics strategy and business case can help CIOs take an impactful step in that direction. A well-executed modern analytics strategy arms company business units with powerful BI and analytic applications for enhancing performance in their areas of responsibility. A welcome result is that IT becomes a recognized and critical strategic partner in business success.

What we help you do

  • Implement a business value oriented approach for defining a portfolio of BI and analytics opportunities and investments
  • Identify and create strategies for mitigating business and technical risks
  • Formulate a technical strategy and data architecture
  • Build a solid business case to fit your company’s capital budgeting process
  • Develop a practical and achievable time-phased, integrated BI and analytics roadmap

What it means for you

  • Clearer understanding of how modern analytics will lead to improved business performance
  • Ability to achieve adequate funding for a modern BI and Analytics program based on a strong, quantifiable business case
  • Confidence in the identification and mitigation of technical and business risks that may inhibit success 
  • Achievement of enterprise recognition of IT’s strategic value and contribution to business success


Determine the optimal BI and analytics strategy and build a business case to gain top management buy-in.


Company Type:
Regulated Utility

Company Size:
$2.2 billion

Job Functions:
All C-Suite Executives,
All Functional VPs

Identify BI & Analytics
Opportunities, Develop
Business Case, Develop BI and
Analytics Strategy and Roadmap

How can we help you?

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Thank you for the dedication from you and your team on this effort.  It was evident that you all put your heart into getting us the best results possible.  We presented our in-progress business case to our Executive Committee, and the results were fantastic; an unqualified success.

-Director, Information Technology

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