Financial / Business performance

Without BI and analytics, companies often lack the ability to readily understand the drivers behind the numbers on financial reports. Being limited in this way makes it challenging to effectively craft strategies to improve future business performance. Trying to manage with insufficient information and/or conflicting information can be frustrating. We can help you utilize BI and analytics to develop trusted information and gain a better understanding of what’s behind the numbers.

What we help you do

  • Get a deep understanding of the links between business actions and financial results
  • Use scorecards and dashboards to quickly pinpoint performance issues
  • Use common performance measures and metrics for improved communication

What it means for you

  • Improved confidence in the information used to run your business for optimal performance
  • Empowerment to get the whole company moving forward in the same direction and at the same pace
  • Better understanding of what drives performance through the use of financial and non-financial numbers


How best to leverage BI and analytics to optimize profitability of strategic business unit that sells retirement and investment products through multiple sales channels to clients in many industries across the United States.

Financial Services

Company Type:
Retirement Plans and
Investment Services

Company Size:
$11 billion

Job Functions:
Division GMs, Division CFO

Identify BI & Analytics Opportunities,
Identify Relevant Data Sources,
Develop Data Integration Plan,
Technology Strategy, Develop
Financial Data Warehouse, Develop
Custom BI and Analytic Applications

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I enjoyed the opportunity to work with DecisionPath. You and your organization were able to initiate, at a level not previously engaged, some important understanding of the disciplines required to proceed with this type of project.

-Applications Group Manager

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