Data Management

Whether it is being used for business operations, or for BI and analytic applications, data is the lifeblood of an organization. Many companies come to find that creating trusted information that is consistent and “adds up” across the enterprise is a surprisingly daunting feat. Achieving this, however, is critical to achieving operational efficiency and effectiveness. It is also a critical success factor for modern analytics. The saying that “garbage in and garbage out” is unfortunately an experience that many organizations initially encounter when setting out to create modern analytic capabilities. Meeting the data challenge requires robust, mature technical processes for profiling, assessing, and improving the quality of you data. And it requires data governance, metadata management, and master data management approaches that are customized to your starting point.

What we help you do

  • Assess overall data quality problems that need to be resolved to support modern analytics and/or business operations
  • Review current data quality, data stewardship, and data governance processes
  • Recommend and assist in implementation of future state data quality, data stewardship and data governance processes

What it means for you

  • Increased ability to repurpose the time and cost previously associated with resolving data quality problems towards more productive uses
  • Greater confidence in the data that is being used to manage day to day operations and set the future direction of the organization
  • Finally achieving the ability to unify your data to gain a 360⁰ views of your customers across all systems


Enhance enterprise data management capabilities to ensure accurate data across multiple mission-critical systems used to administer different benefits under a multi-employer benefits program, where each system provides financial and benefits information to individual plan participants and to the companies sponsoring plan.

Financial services and insurance

Company Type:
Non-Profit Trade Association

Company Size:
$260 million

Job Functions:
VP, Investment and Financial Services

Data Quality Assessment for System
Conversion, Data Reconciliation System
and Processes, Cross-System Data
Reconciliation, Master Data Management
Strategy and Roadmap

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I enjoyed working with you and learning from you. DecisionPath provided exactly what we needed when we needed it. I hope to work with you again. You guys are great.

-Director Data Management

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